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About Connect Central

Where You - and Your Business - Belong

True to its name, Connect Central aims to be the hub where connections form. We take pride in offering best-in-class amenities and service to meeting hosts, business owners, and their guests.

Best of all, Connect Central is located in the heart of downtown Bradenton just steps away from the Manatee County Courthouse, Bradenton City Hall, Manatee County Government offices, the famous Bradenton Riverwalk and a variety of locally-owned restaurants, retailers, hotels & nightlife.

You can trust Connect Central to be the place where you can perform your best, when your business needs you to succeed most.

Flexible Workspace Solutions

Connect Central offers flexible workspace solutions for business professionals seeking space to meet or get work done.

With amenities including convenient and flexible parking, reliable WiFi, flexible room configurations, on-site catering and cafe, mailbox service, and all-in-one communication options, we're dedicated to providing everything you need to thrive in your work environment. Whether you need a temporary desk for a day or a fully-equipped meeting room for a corporate event, Connect Central has you covered.

Amenities Available

  • Flexible Parking Options
  • Reliable WiFi
  • Flexible Room Configurations
  • On-Site Catering / Cafe
  • Mailbox Services
  • All-In-One Communication Options
... and more!
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Connect Central offers flexible workspace options and reliable solutions for business professionals seeking space to meet or to get work done.
1201 6th Ave W, STE 100Bradenton, FL 34205